Kime no Kata concludes and competition methods begins

ThrowHTC1This weeks marks our transition from Kata training to competition training. Each Tuesday will remain Randori and Sunday from now till June 7th shall be dedicated to examining modern competition techniques and methods.

We will try and understand and replicate the Judo of the elite athletes of the IJF circuit.

Then come June 7th we shall start our beginners Judo Course.

We look forward to welcoming new members to the club!

Kime no Kata update.

This Sunday marks the end of our 6 week block of studying the Kime No Kata.

Kendo visitThe Kime no Kata is a kata from the late 1800s that involves defenses against, grabs, strikes, kicks, daggers and even sword. We have taken the opportunity to invite sword experts to the club and help us understand how to correctly handle the sword in particular.

We have had two visits, one from the Southampton Kendo Club and secondly from the local Iaido Club. Both these Japanese forms of sword martial arts have taught us different but important things for our Kime no Kata.

As we turn our primary focus of our Sunday technical sessions away from Kime no Kata we will continue to practice and learn with extra sessions in Portsmouth planned along with more time at the club also.

We hope to put several couples into the national Kata championships on October 4th in Crawley, so we have a great preparation period to continue to learn the kata and develop it to a better standard. Members are encouraged to express interest (to Lance) if they would like to train for the kata championships.

A big thank you goes to the Kendo and Iaido instructors and students who visited our club. We hope to continue building friendships with other clubs.


Beginners Judo Course Starting June 7th

Poster for courseWe are pleased to announce that on June 7th we shall be running a 6  10 week beginners Judo course. We shall post more information in the next week, but please start spreading the word and if you are interested in attending please email

The course will be held every Sunday for 6 10 weeks starting June 7th, 3pm.

Venue: St Marys Leisure Centre, Southampton.

Facebook Event page:

The course is for teen and adult beginners and is lead by club coach Lance Wicks.

The course will cost 85 pounds and participants will receive:

  • 10 Weeks Judo instruction (approximately 200 hours of Judo)
  • BJA 4 month license
  • White Judo suit
  • First grading
  • more


Kime no Kata session 2 – Swords!

ThrowHTC1I’m pleased to confirm that this Sunday (3pm) we will be holding our second Kime no Kata session. This week we introduce the weapons (Dagger and Sword).

To ensure we get the best introduction possible, the good people from Southampton Kendo Club have agreed to pay us a visit this week and show us how swords should be handled.

All are welcome to attend, be you experienced black belt Judoka, or novice Judoka. You are also welcome if you are just interested in Japanese martial arts, like Judo and Kendo.

As we have guests, I ask that everyone who is able attends; even if it is just as a spectator.

Please RSVP on the facebook event via the link below:

Kime no Kata course.

Dear All,

from April 12th for 6 weeks we will be running a course on Sundays learning the Kime no Kata. The Kime no Kata is really interesting think to learn as it is somewhat of a historical archive of the effective fighting methods of Japan prevalent in the late 1800s in Japan.

It includes striking and kicking attacks as well as knife and sword attacks. So is quite unusual for Judo people.

We will be using the Kodokan guidebook and IJF criteria as our primary reference material, but will also be using other resources we are able to find. This will include the videos of people doing the kata as well as guest instructors.

We have already reached out to some well regarded practitioners of the kata. Even more excitingly we hope to also have some expertise shared with us by members of the Southampton Kendo Club (who are starting a beginners course on the 20th, see for more details).

The Kime no Kata includes very few throws and as we are all novices, it is a great time to invite friends, wives, husbands, work colleagues along to join us on the tatami.


BJA website hacked!

Dear all,
The BJA announced today that their computer systems have been hacked and that payment details from members have been compromised.

Please check with your bank and check for unknown transactions. Especially if you recently joined or renewed your license.


Grading training in the Squash court this Sunday.

southampton_judoDear All,

This Sunday we shall be training in the Squash court as there is a Basketball match (Go TeamSolent!!).

On Tuesday we those who are ready will be grading, so this Sunday is a fantastic opportunity for people to do some “revision” on their techniques.

Training is at 3pm, if you are hoping to grade on Tuesday you should be there this Sunday. You will also need to have your BJA license and a Judo suit etc.

See you all on Sunday,



Next week we shall be examining players for their next grades. We want to get our novices who have been with us a little while on their way towards that black belt!

before you can be graded there are some requirements you need to sort out.

1. Own a Judo suit.
If you have reached the point where you are considering being graded you should have your own Judo suit and flip-flops. They are cheap and available online:

2. Have a BJA license.
We can only grade members of the British Judo Association, so if you want to be graded you need to have a valid BJA license. Again, this can be done easily online:

3. Know your syllabus.
My opinion is that you need to have a suitable level of knowledge for your grade. So novices should know the novice to 6th kyu syllabus as a minimum (you probably know more). And you need to know it well enough that when I call a technique name out you can do it without too much delay.

If you are going for a higher/darker belt, then I expect you to know everything in the grades below yours as well as the requirements for your new grade.

The BJA has the syllabus online:

So study up and let me know if you would like to grade up.



Hampshire Closed this weekend.

This weekend our friends at FleminHants-Judog Park Judo Club (Fleming Park Eastleigh) are hosting the Hampshire Closed Championships.

The competition is on Sunday, so try and get along to watch some before training on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, the task of laying mats needs to be done. And it would be great if members of our club could get up to Fleming Park Leisure Centre (Eastleigh) for 6pm on Saturday evening to lend a hand.

Congratulations to Tina Penfold 6th Dan!


Friend (and guest instructor) of the club Tina Penfold was awarded this week her 6th dan.

Tina and Dennis Penfold are world class Kata judges, well regarded in the kata community. Older members of the clubs will remember the fun and knowledge of Kata Tina and Dennis shared with us when they visited our club.

The 6th dan (red and white belt) is a great achievement and we would like to extend our congratulations to Tina!


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