Silver Medal in Kata!

Congratulations to Aleks and Sean who participated in the BJA National Kata Championships on the weekend.

IMAG0274The participated in the Kime no Kata section and came second to the reigning champions!

Study of kata is a key learning method in Judo and competitions help encourage more people to participate in doing kata. Kata is also a great alternative to other training methods such as shiai and randori.

Congratulations to Sean and Aleks, who not only showed great courage in participating at all, did so as novices against black belts!

Congratulations on your new belts!

Congratulations to those who graded for their new belts today!

We were also able to enjoy a demonstration of the first set of the Nage no Kata by Gary (now 1st Kyu) and Jordan (not grading today); then a full demonstration of the Kime no Kata by Aleks and Sean (both graded to yellow belt today). kanji-judo.jpg

It was great also to have Ramesh on the mat with us and even more new faces. This week we hope to welcome all the new Solent University Students who have discovered us via the sports fair.

I was struck today by the confidence everyone showed today; well done!


Southampton City Judo Club coach at the World Kata and World Veterans championships. #katajudo2015 # veteransjudo2015

IMAG0187Our coach, is currently away in Amsterdam at the 2015 IJF World Championships Kata & Veterans.This is great for the club as it encourages us to invite guest instructors into teach whilst regular coach Lance Wicks is away. Our coach is then also able to bring the experiences and knowledge from attending these events back into the club.

The Kata championships was held this weekend. Five kata were competed in; including the Kime no Kata which we have been learning and look forward to entering our own players into the British Kata Championships in October.

The Veterans Championships is open to Judoka over the age of 30. With 5 year age categories, divided into 14 categories there will be huge amount of action happening over the five mats,over five days. British Judo (and Hampshire Judo) has a strong veterans community with regular competitions and training sessions held  that people who are older can enjoy. Many coaches (Including our regular coach, Lance and some of our guest coaches have competed at the World Veterans and can recommend it as a great experience. It is a very welcoming and fun community where the competing is equalled by the socialising and definitely eclipsed by the friendships.

Whilst Lance is away, everyone should attend the guest instructor sessions as we are very fortunate that these individuals have agreed to visit and share their time, enthusiasm and knowledge with us.

#ThrowYourselfIntoJudo Groundwork every Thursday!

From tonight onwards we are pleased to offer a groundwork only session at St Marys Leisure Centre, Southampton, Hampshire.

cropped-southampton_judo2.pngThis will be a regular session and anyone with an interest in improving the groundwork skills is welcome to come along (BJA, BJC, BJJ, all means all).

To mark the first session we have created a little event on our facebook page:

Please come along and let us know if you’ll be coming down!

More Guest instructors!

We are pleased to announce that we have more Guest instructors joining us over the coming couple of months!

ThrowHTC1On Sunday September 20th, Peter Boniface (Winchester University Judo Club) is going to take the session and on Tuesday September 22nd Gary Hill (Southampton University Judo Club) will be in charge.

Both these instructors are friends of the club and we have enjoyed competing and training with them and their club members in the past. We will be spending more time with them during the next academic year; so this is a great chance to learn from a new course and to get to know their faces for when you meet them at local competitions or events.


#ThrowYourselfIntoJudo Groundwork with Danny Murphy

We are very fortunate to be able to announce that Danny Murphy (5th Dan) will be taking two groundwork sessions for us on October 10th and 22nd.

IMAG0069Danny is a well known and highly regarded Judo coach and also has a background in BJJ, so is ideal for our new ne-waza focussed Thursday sessions.

Danny has been Hampshire squad manager, as well as a coach at the London Budokwai.

We would like to thank him for accepting the invitation to come and improve our groundwork. Be sure to tell your friends and if you have friends in BJJ these would be ideal sessions to bring them along to as Danny has great skills in BJJ as well as Judo groundwork.


Thursdays! Kata! Gradings! Food and more!

As regulars will know our plan to build up the numbers in advance of the students sports fair has been successful. We are now working with a full tatami every session, in fact we are so full that we are almost at maximum capacity already!
1614616_758417067510910_978256728_o So it is great news that we now have a new Thursday, 8pm-10pm session.

This session is the brainchild of the team that travelled to London to visit the Budokwai and is a mainly groundwork session.

Ne-waza (groundwork) is ideal for our adult novice players as it involves little (if any) falling from throws. It is also a very intense workout. Abs of steel may be the result of all the groundwork. The session is open to all; so let your non-judo friends know that there is a session they can come along and just have a wrestle on the ground.

Our new Sunday 2pm session continues; this will be for Kata until the kata championships in October. But then will host a new 4 week beginners course aimed at the new students joining us after the September 24th sports fair.

Sunday September 27th (3pm-5pm) will be our kyu grading; that people have been working towards. This again although primarily for our members is open to all Judoka looking to do their kyu grading. Please contact us if you wish to attend.

Lastly, following the success of our last Japanese meal evening, we are planning another one for Saturday October 17th; most likely at Nara again (although we may try somewhere else). So please put these dates in your calendar.

Speaking of calendar, we are now keeping our events schedule on a Goggle calendar ( ). So you can always see what we have planned. I shall be incorporating our regular sessions soon.

Lastly, we shall be having some guest instructors again at the club soon, so stay tuned for news on which experts we will be coming down to share the mat with us.



Great return from the Summer break

IMAG0163 This week is the start of the “new term”, schools have gone back and the summer holidays period is pretty much over.

It was great to see so many people on the mat tonight! Our little dojo had a great little atmosphere going. The bad music (from coach) and the great work from the all that trained was fun to watch. And it looked like everyone was having a fun time; despite sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

We hope to announce extended training times to cater to the larger participation numbers and also to prepare for our annual influx of university students, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to join our Facebook page: and our university student club page:


Kata Sessions, Sundays 2pm.

KimeNoKataWe are pleased to be able to hold Kata specific session at the club in the lead up to the British Kata Championships (October 4th).

From this week onwards, those interested are invited to attend our 2pm-3pm session on a Sunday at St Marys Leisure Centre. We will mainly be training the Kime no Kata as we want to have a couple of couple compete.

The sessions are open to all, club members and also visitors from outside the club.

So, put it in your diary, Kata 2pm Sunday, before our regular 3pm technical session.


Hi everyone, as announced in this afternoons session we will be holding a kata specific session on Sundays at 2pm.We…

Posted by Southampton City Judo Club on Sunday, 30 August 2015


#ThrowYourselfIntoJudo Judo in Southampton restarts today!

Judo in Southampton is back!

cropped-20131030-073728.jpgAfter our short two week break, we get back into the swing of things today at 8pm down at St Marys Leisure Centre.

As ever our sessions are open to novices and experienced players in our dojo upstairs, where as well as air conditioning we have a water cooler.

The plan for the next two  months is to ensure that everyone is graded appropriately before the Southampton Solent University freshers fayre; which is where we normally gain a large number of beginners.

Also, many clubs in Hampshire are closed in August, so we often have visitors looking to train during the summer; so expect some new faces over the next month or so.