Welcome to 2012!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2012, the year of the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Southampton City Judo club is back into training with our sister club Southampton Solent University Judo Club. We are looking forward to a busy and successful year of hard training and competing!

Our schedule for the first quarter of 2012 includes attending the 2012 Commonwealth Judo Championships in Cardiff, the 15th USIST Competition and the Warwick Uni Champs and BUCS championships. Also on the list is the Salisbury Open and pending confirmation) some team competition within Hampshire!

To support this competition schedule we have secured a second session a week at St Marys. And are now doing our technical/grading work on SUnday evenings and our competition training on Thursday evenings.

Thursdays started at the tail of last year and the format of the session is proving poppular. We vary it for variety, but the basic format is a quick warm-up followed by approximately 7 ne-waza randori, then 7 tachi-waza randori. In this session in particular we like to work hard and invite visitors to come down and work out with us!

Remember, you need to be a BJA member to train with us; a BJA license is £37 and can be obtained online at http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/join/


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