A fun evening tonight!

I just wanted to thank everyone tonight for a fun evening as your coach.

We are enjoying a little boost in interest from adult beginners, presumably as a result of the Olympic Judo competition. As a result we had a night where we had new faces join us (male and female).

It was also very nice to have Mr. Ray Whitfield visit us tonight. Ray is one of the senior members of the Judo coaching community in Hampshire, it was pleasure to have him on our mat and to have him do Randori with our newcomers.

Thank you all for attending and sharing the mat with me, I came off the mat happy after watching big smiles from the new faces and our established players.

We are in the quiet period before the university students come back and before we start preparing for the Hampshire Team Championships starting in October. So it is a pleasure to have new people joining us now.

Thanks again, see you next week!


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