Summary of this mornings 7AM training session.

Summary of this today’s 7AM training:

Uchi Komi on the following throws:
* O soto gari
* Taio toshi
* Ippon Seoi
* Yamarhi
* Makikomi
* O uchi gari
* Turnover (wrist grip)

This was interspersed with:
* Star jumpers
* Calf Raises
* Superman(s)
* Crab Crawls
* Lunges
* Fire Hydrants
* Pushups

Once again, not a bad turn out for the first session. Nice to see our colleagues in the basketball team training too. Next week lets have more people and try and be there for 7am (i.e. be there early so we can make best use of our time).

See you all on Thursday.