7am is time to get Judofit!


The Whiteboard.

Many of you will be aware of our 7am Tuesday Morning training sessions we trialled in January.

They have proven popular and worthwhile, so we have decided to keep them going through all February also and maybe permanently if number remain good.

The sessions are different to our other sessions in not just the time of day. These sessions are designed to get your Judo Fit, once we start we don’t stop until the session is over. There is no throwing, just uchi komi and conditioning exercises.

In the photo attached to this post you can see the whiteboard in the dojo. You can see on the board the sets of uchi komi we did along with the final “burn” on the right. Across the top (hard to see in the picture) are the conditioning exercise cards we have done in that session. We choose them at random to give some variety.

The sessions are informal and short (only and hour) and good solid hard work. You do not need to be a high grade, you can attend at whatever your level of Judo or fitness and improve both. The players coming along are getting fitter, stronger and getting better technique.

Come on down on Tuesday morning just before 7am, pay your £3 at reception and join us in the dojo for the best workout in town and get truely Judofit !