Kata Workshop, Sunday Feb 17th 2013.

This weekend we are fortunate to be hosting a Kata workshop at the club.

Dennis and Tina Penfold will be attending our 5:30pm class and helping us learn the basics of Kata. If you are on Facebook please do RSVP on the event’s page: https://www.facebook.com/events/526537067385981/

We have been doing kata at the end of many of our sessions, but this workshop will be an opportunity to learn from two high graded kata experts who not only teach kata but judge kata in european kata competition.

We are hosting a kata competition in September, so now is a great time to learn the basics from two experts so you can start rehearsing with a partner for that event.

Kata is arguably the original training form for Judo and all martial arts. It is the formal display of techniques and principles of Judo and aids us in understanding and learning Judo for the club or for competition. This is a real “must do” event, so please RSVP and attend as we may have to turn people away or just let them watch if the current level of interest persists.

The workshop is open to club members and visitors, £3 at reception and £3 in the dojo to cover the time and expenses of the two guest instructors.