Tuesday 7am – Getting JudoFit!

WhiteBOard Feb 12 2013

We are continuing with our Tuesday morning JudoFit sessions this month seeing as we had okay turnouts to the trial sessions in January.

These sessions involve a mix of Uchi Komi and body weight based conditioning exercises. So they are improving your fitness and your technique.

Uchi Komi is the repetition of techniques, without throwing; so although the sessions are hard work, you are not getting battered. The intensity is high as the session is short (approximately 45 minutes of actual workout). Also the mix of uchi komi and exercises is ideal for developing technique and Judo specific and general fitness.

For those who have not been along yet, it may be early but what a great start to your day. Everyone is welcome, not just those training for events; especially if you come in a pair any level can attend.

Hoping to see the numbers grow a little more by the end of February, so that we can make it a permanent part of our schedule. So it is a case of use or lose it; currently attendance is   enough to justify continuing…just. Just a few more new faces would cement this sessions position in our timetable. So please come along, bring a friend and get a great workout!