Tuesday mornings proving popular and positive!

In February we started doing Tuesday morning sessions as part of our build-up to the British University Championships and Hampshire Championships. These are proving a tough but rewarding start to the day for those who have been turning up at 7am.

The success of the session has meant that we are continuing through March with the morning sessions and making them a permanent part of our training programme. All are welcome to attend the session, it like all our sessions is £3 paid at reception.

The session is what we call “JudoFit”, it is a high intensity Judo specific training session. We do a mixture of uchi komi (non-throwing drilling of throws) and body weigh conditioning exercises for a solid workout that makes you feel great for the rest of the day.

WhiteBOard Feb 12 2013

As you can see form the picture here, we set a series of techniques which we repeat at the pace we can achieve.

Not only does it result in a high intensity, functional movement workout; it provides a chance to rehearse throws and combinations, increasing our technical ability.

This is a session that everyone can attend, not limited to the higher graded members. As long as you have some experience you can attend and get the benefit, as you can work at your own technical and fitness level.

Although it has proven success full, it would be even better with slightly better numbers. So please come along and try it out, a few more each session would be perfect.