Summer break, freshers and County Training

Dear all,
we are now closed until Sunday 31 August 2014.

We are taking a break over the summer so you can all enjoy a break, recover and because I (Lance) will be away to attend the World Championships; which you can watch for free online at when the event starts at the end of the month. There are 4 British players competing and all the big names we talk about each week will be there.

Come 31st August, Danny Murphy will be back and leading a County Wide Randori session. This is an open mat training session where everyone and anyone from inside or outside of Hampshire is invited to come and train. We hosted the August one at the start of the month and it is a brilliant opportunity to train with Danny and to meet other Judoka from other clubs.

As I am away in Russia, it would be great if some people could volunteer to attend both the Junior session (3pm) and the senior session and help Danny make visitors feel welcome, mats get laid, any issues dealt with, etc.

From the 31st we will be back to our normal session times and our focus will be on getting ready for Freshers Fair at the uni. We want to push hard for recruits! Then we will be training, competing and training and competing. The Hampshire Team Championships will I hope be going ahead and the London Universities will be upon us.

I’d like to put a competition schedule together and build a strong team; so I will be recruiting players and recruiting “support staff”. This will be our fourth year and we need to do even better than last year where we gained our first national champion!

As ever, our sessions are open to everyone. We welcome visitors and guest instructors; so please help spread the word. Any ideas on promotion, please let me know.