Getting ready for the busy time!

20131030-073728.jpgSeptember/October is our busiest time of the year; it’s when all the new students start at the University and Freshers fair brings in lots of new blood. This year I’m hoping for our biggest recruitment drive ever; so I’m calling on all out members (past and present) to step up and help us bring new people into our great little Judo club.

This week is our first week back with our regular Tuesday and Sunday sessions. So now is the time to dust of your judogi and get back on the mat. Time to make a commitment to attend regularly and get that next belt or medal.

My hope this year is that we can pull in a larger group, so anyone with idea on promotion please let me know. I’m open to suggestions and if you have an idea you would like to try I am more than likely to say go for it!

Once we have got past freshers at the end of the month and have got the new faces settled in we shall sit down together and decide what events we want to attend (the first comp in at the start of October) and what other activities to do.

We will also be choosing some club “officers” to take responsibility for driving us forward. Specifically, taking on some of the paperwork and planning for the club. We will also be trying to get involvement from the wider university community. So for example, we want to find peole with interests in strength and conditioning, videography, design etc to help us with getting stronger, making videos and designing logos, t-shirts etc.

As usual we welcome non-students, so everyone can attend and be involved.