Welcome new comers!

September/October is when our club experiences it’s biggest growth in numbers. This is due to the new students Joining the university that we are partnered with and discovering us via the freshers fair.

So, welcome new people trying Judo for the first time! If you have never seen it before, check out this great video about Judo by a TV crew who had never done Judo before; but by the time they had finished talking to us they came on and gave it a go!

Judo is an amazing workout, so if you are coming down bring a water bottle (there is a water fountain at St Marys so you can refill it. We encourage you to take it at your own pace and please do as much as you can, but don’t do too much.

We are fortunate to have a supply of Judo jackets you can borrow. They get laundered after every session; so just put throw some tracksuit  trousers and some flip flops in your bag and come down and visit us.

Due to the partnership with Southampton Solent University we are able to keep prices down so it’s just three pounds at reception when you get here. Bring a towel as there are showers and changing rooms.

We encourage you to bring a friend or two down as Judo is more fun with more people!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or email Lance ( lw@judocoach.com ).