The club is now closed until January 6th 2015.

I would like to thank everyone who has attended, supported, coached at fought with the club this year. This year has been a tough one for us and we have not grown as much as we had hoped. In 2015 we will continue to push forward and we will be working hard in the first quarter on the British University Championships preparation. We hope to add some additional training sessions to the schedule to help our athletes prepare.

In 2015 we hope to reboot the Hampshire Team Championships so we and our friends in Judo have events to participate in. We also hope to expand the coaching staff formally and of course grow the membership. We will be spending more time with our friends in Southampton Uni Judo club and Winchester Uni Judo Club as well as taking up an invitation to visit the famous Budokwai Judo Club in London.

We will also be forming an alumni club so that the people that have shared time with us on the mat can maintain their link to the club and we can maintain our friendships.

Once again, thanks to everyone that has supported the club in 2014, have a great break and I hope to see you all fit, healthy and ready to play on January 6th 2015.