Welcome newcomers!

Over recent weeks we have been getting quite a few new people coming along and trying Judo. Welcome to you all, we are really happy to have you join us and I hope you stick with it and become regulars.

I thought this would be a good time to share a little about the club and some things that will maybe help you fit right in.

1. Enjoy yourself!
Judo is fun and supposed to be fun. You will work hard and work up a sweat, you will get thrown and throw others. Enjoy it, take it at your own pace and don’t be afraid to take breaks when you need them.

2. Think of others.
You’ll throw people, you’ll learn strangles and armlocks. These can hurt! So please look after your partners. Take it careful, always be careful and look after the people you train with. Also, you will be spending lots of time in very (VERY) close proximity with other people, so hygiene is important. Coming early and using the showers at St Marys before training is fine/encouraged if you have had a tough day. Equally, wash your Judosuit after training. We have a laundry service at teh club if you need it (make sure you have your name on it permanently somehow if you do though so it does not get lost or confused with someone elses suit).

3. Join the BJA
We want all our members to be members of the national governing body for Judo, the BJA. You can do this easily on line at http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/join/ where you can apply for a new license or renew your existing.

4. Compete!
In our club we believe in sport as a force for good, both in our personal development and in improving the communities is which we live (judo and generally). Competing is fun, it’s a chance to play the game of Judo with people from outside our club. For us, competing is about enjoying the experience and we think everyone should enjoy participating in competitions; so the next time an event is mentioned, give it a go!

5. Explore.
At our club, we try and create an environment for you to learn Judo. The learning itself is up to you. So please explore the techniques, principles and ideas of Judo following your own curiosity. Tell us what you want to learn and we will help you find it. Also, explore other clubs, other sports, other hobbies. Judo may start you along a path to something else that satisfies you, we hope it does. Judo has since it’s creation always been a vehicle for improving lives not a destination, so explore with Judo as core.

6. Ask questions.
Further to point 5, ask us questions. We don’t know all the answers; but ask us and we might know more than you do and if not together we might learn something new. We are not precious about knowing more than the new students; so ask away!

Thats it for now, we thank you for coming along and trying Judo and invite you to keep coming. You are welcome every session, or once a month. You are welcome if you train exclusively with us or if you train elsewhere too (in fact we would encourage you to tarin elsewhere, see point 5).