Next week we shall be examining players for their next grades. We want to get our novices who have been with us a little while on their way towards that black belt!

before you can be graded there are some requirements you need to sort out.

1. Own a Judo suit.
If you have reached the point where you are considering being graded you should have your own Judo suit and flip-flops. They are cheap and available online:

2. Have a BJA license.
We can only grade members of the British Judo Association, so if you want to be graded you need to have a valid BJA license. Again, this can be done easily online:

3. Know your syllabus.
My opinion is that you need to have a suitable level of knowledge for your grade. So novices should know the novice to 6th kyu syllabus as a minimum (you probably know more). And you need to know it well enough that when I call a technique name out you can do it without too much delay.

If you are going for a higher/darker belt, then I expect you to know everything in the grades below yours as well as the requirements for your new grade.

The BJA has the syllabus online:

So study up and let me know if you would like to grade up.