#ThrowYourselfIntoJudo “Inner Improvement”


Our partners at SportSolent posted this picture today as some “Monday Motivation”.

It is a quote from Pierre de Coubertin, father on the modern Olympics.

For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement.

Judo was founded by Kano Jigoro; who was am member of the International Olympic Committee. He was very much a believer in Judo and sport as a way of improving people and society.

In our club, we practice Judo as a sport; not just because it is a brilliant sport; but also as sport is a great method for self improvement. We are currently working hard on both technical skills as well as physical development. Specifically, we are working on posture (shizenhontai) and on flexibility (especially in reference to good posture).

As well as improving our technique, by developing ourselves physically we help our day to day life by decreasing the damage that sitting at desks all days and being inactive can have on us.

So come on down to the dojo at St Marys Leisure Centre on Sundays at 3pm or Tuesdays at 8pm and find inner improvement via the sport of Judo.