Thursdays! Kata! Gradings! Food and more!

As regulars will know our plan to build up the numbers in advance of the students sports fair has been successful. We are now working with a full tatami every session, in fact we are so full that we are almost at maximum capacity already!
1614616_758417067510910_978256728_o So it is great news that we now have a new Thursday, 8pm-10pm session.

This session is the brainchild of the team that travelled to London to visit the Budokwai and is a mainly groundwork session.

Ne-waza (groundwork) is ideal for our adult novice players as it involves little (if any) falling from throws. It is also a very intense workout. Abs of steel may be the result of all the groundwork. The session is open to all; so let your non-judo friends know that there is a session they can come along and just have a wrestle on the ground.

Our new Sunday 2pm session continues; this will be for Kata until the kata championships in October. But then will host a new 4 week beginners course aimed at the new students joining us after the September 24th sports fair.

Sunday September 27th (3pm-5pm) will be our kyu grading; that people have been working towards. This again although primarily for our members is open to all Judoka looking to do their kyu grading. Please contact us if you wish to attend.

Lastly, following the success of our last Japanese meal evening, we are planning another one for Saturday October 17th; most likely at Nara again (although we may try somewhere else). So please put these dates in your calendar.

Speaking of calendar, we are now keeping our events schedule on a Goggle calendar ( ). So you can always see what we have planned. I shall be incorporating our regular sessions soon.

Lastly, we shall be having some guest instructors again at the club soon, so stay tuned for news on which experts we will be coming down to share the mat with us.