Kata and Drinks

This afternoon was an enjoyable one, our Junior section though not large is growing slowly. We still need a few more secondary school aged participants to full the session.


Our senior section started on our next Kata; the Nage no Kata. This is one of the core Kata of Judo. It contains throwing techniques and provides opportunities to learn that are otherwise missed.

Afterwards, a group of us popped up to Bedford Place for a small social drinker together. We are hoping to grow the social side of the club so please do talk to others in the club about ideas for enjoyable activities we can do together.

Next session is our weekly tachi waza  Randori session on Tuesday at 8pm. Then our ne waza Randori seaaion on Thursday at 8pm. Before more Kata on Sunday

See you soon!
Novices are always welcome (we have quite a few at the moment) as are experienced players. We have been enjoying having a number of Dan grades helping raise the bar for everyone at recent sessions.