Great start to our new kata

Today we started exploring the Kaeshi no kata, it was really nice to have a good turnout to start this interesting study of a new kata.

The kata is all about counter throws, and has a really interesting history. This kata is not a Kodokan recognised kata and is primarily done in the BJC here in the UK. 

Although not an “official” kata, Kaeshi no kata is a very useful learning tool. It can also be a fantastic demonstration set.

This week we shall continue with our progress through the gokyo. Participants might have noticed that many of the techniques we looked at during the week reappeared on Sunday in the kata.

As always Tuesday will.mainly be standing throwing techniques, Thursday groundwork work me waza.

Those interested in a little extra training will be attending Ringwood Judo Club on Monday for some additional randori, contact Lance if you would like to attend.