Starting back for 2018 and meetup

The club restarted training sessions on Tuesday January 9th, 8pm and we resume with our 4 days a week of Judo:

  • Tuesday, 8pm, Tachi-waza (throwing techniques) – Randori
  • Wednesday, 8pm, Tachi-waza (throwing techniques) – Uchi Komi
  • Thursday, 8pm, Ne-waza (grownd techniques) – Randori
  • Sunday, 3pm, Tachi-waza and Ne-Waza – Kata and skill work

On Saturday January 20th, we had an informal meetup to discuss the plans for the year. This was really productive and our plans for the first quarter of 2018 include:

  • Competing in the British Universities Judo Championships (February)
  • Competing in the Malta Open Judo Championships (March)
  • Competing and Hosting a Team Competition in Southampton (April)

We are also planning some social activities, additional conditioning training and a few other surprises.

Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page: