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Olympic Judo week in Southampton starts today!

Today marks the start of our week long celebration of Judo. We have Judo sessions everyday, where you are welcome to come and train, come and try or just come and watch some Judo.

Yesterday, Ashley Mckenzie of TeamGB competed, and started strongly with a win against Turkey. In the next round he faced Yeldos Smetov of Kazakhstan, who unfortunately for Ashley took the contest. Smetov is a bit of a club favourite (due to the coaches son choosing him 3 years ago as his favourite, and of course because of our Kazakh member Daulet who recently medalled at the Hampshire Split Grade competition.

Today, Sunday, sees TeamGB represented by Colin Oates who faces France in the opening round. We shall be supporting him as he tries to get a medal.

We will also be supporting Kelmendi of Kosovo in the women’s competition. She is a two time world champion, flag bearer for her team and like Rio as it was where she won her first world title!

Come try Olympic Judo.

The Olympic Games are about to start in Rio. The Judo starts off the show, the stadium is sold out but you can enjoy the fun at Southampton City Judo Club.

We have scheduled sessions for anyone who wants to give Judo a go or even just watch the amazing athletes do their thing.

Checkout out events page for our Olympic sessions.

Hampshire-wide session (24th) and Olympic Games Project

This Sunday (July 24th, 3-5pm), Southampton City Judo Club is hosting a Hampshire-wide senior training session with Danny Murphy Snr.

Hampshire Senior Squad Training at Southampton City Judo Club.

The previous session was well attended and we have extra space ready if required. The session is a low £3 per person (please pay at reception).

This session will have a guest coach, Sam Potts. Sam  a Hampshire athlete of international level with many medals. This is a great opportunity to meet and train with one of Hampshire’s star performers.

Olympic Project

This August is special for all Judoka as we have the Olympic Judo competition in Rio. During the last games we had many enquiries and new people start Judo again or for the first time.

This time we are scheduling a number of Judo taster sessions, with more being confirmed shortly.

So if you have never tried Judo or are thinking about coming back now is the time to take the next step and sign up. Or better yet, get a step ahead of those drawn in by the Olympic Judo and pop down to a session before the Rio2016 Judo starts on August 6th.

You can keep an eye on when the taster session will be via our Events Page

Hampshire Squad Training at Southampton City Judo Club.

We are very fortunate to be hosting the senior squad session for Hampshire Judo. Friend of the club Danny Murphy will be leading a session for player from across the county.

All players should try and attend as Danny is a very good Judo coach and it’s a great opportunity to meet players from outside our club.

The session is this Sunday (July 3rd), 3-5pm. £3 at reception. Training will be in the main hall not our normal dojo space.

Shochu-Geiko (Mid-Summer Training) 21 – 24 July

This year we are going to hold a summer training event, which we hope all members (past and present) will consider supporting either on the tatami or off.


The training is modelled of the annual mid summer training (Shochu-Geiko) that the Kodokan in Tokyo holds each year. Ours will be a smaller version.

We will start on Thursday and end on the Sunday. The current schedule looks like this:

  • 21 July (Thu) – Opening session at St Marys.
  • 22 July (Fri) – Travel to Bournemouth and have a training session, then watch fireworks at the pier
  • 23 July (Sat AM) – Training session at Matsumachi with our friends from Southampton and Winchester Universities. Followed by social fun
  • 23 July (Sat PM) – To be confirmed.
  • 24 July (Sun AM) – To be confirmed.
  • 24 July (Sun PM) – Hampshire County Session at St Marys with Danny Murphy.

Please get in touch if you would like to help, sessions will not all be Judo. We will also have meals together and social activities. All help appreciated; be it helping with planning; driving, training, coaching or just getting interest from others.

Stay tuned for more!


Southampton Summer Judo

The club has been going well through the spring. Those following us on the Southampton City Judo Facebook page  will have seen the photos and videos we have been posting recently.


This week our teen Judo session returns on Sundays at 2pm. It would be great if people could help us rekindle the fire and help promote Judo in local schools, youth groups, etc.

We recently hosted a randori for the Stephanie Inglis campaign. She has been moved from Vietnam to Thailand and her condition has shown some improvement. The medical bills stand at over £100,000 already however with the estimated cost of getting her home expected to be near that again. So if you have any available money; please consider donating (re-donating) at

As a result of the randori we have been invited to visit our friends at Matsumachi Judo Club and are scheduling a weekend to go across to Bournemouth to socialise and train together with them.

We are also looking to schedule another meal together shortly. With the nice weather it would be good to share a nice cool social drink together after training now and then, so stay tuned for when we will be doing that.

We have some big plans underway and will need to engage the collective power of people in the club to help us get better and better. To this end the plan is to hold a club meeting shortly to discuss our future plans with everyone interested and plan how we can make dreams reality. A date will be set this week.

Inter-Club event raises over £100 for #SaveSteph campaign.

On Saturday Southampton City Judo Club and Southampton Solent University hosted an inter-club training session and team competition.


Rather than charge a mat fee, donations were requested and the participants gave generously for Commonwealth Judo athlete Stephanie Inglis who is in a critical condition after a motor cycle accident whilst teaching in Vietnam.

Participants came from Southampton University Judo Club, Winchester University Judo Club, Matsumachi Judo Club (Bournemouth) and Southern Judokan  (Emsworth).

We would like to thank everyone for attending and giving so generously.

Online donations via

This weeks training programme

IMAG0163An exciting week of training ahead, our normal coach Lance is away to the Almaty Judo Grand Prix with the IJF so we have 4 guest coaches to help you all.

Tuesday – Patrick Mballa.

Patrick starts the week, Tuesday is our standing techniques session. Most of you have been on the receiving end of some of his throws; so expect a good workout and some great tips.

Thursday – Garry Clark.

Garry after proving a successful camera man last week, take it up a notch and will be leading the groundwork session now his wrist is recovered to such a point he can come on share some moves before being able to get back into the randori himself.

Sunday – Jordan & Roland Fugh.

Week #2 of the Ju no Kata, Jordan Fugh & Roland Fugh have kindly agreed to guide the club through the second set of this interesting Kata. As we mentioned this week, there are aspects of yoga, Aikido and Tai Chi to be appreciated.

Those of you with partners who have never done Judo might consider bringing them along as this kata includes no throws and the movements are gentle and great movements for a light workout together.


Please to attend the session this week if you are able. Given that these four people are giving up there time to lead the sessions it would be fantastic to have good attendance please. Also, if some of the “regulars” could be there to help get mats laid, etc that would be great!

Of course, being nice and prompt (8pm/3pm) would be very helpful.

Have great week!