Our club is based at St Marys Leisure Centre in Southampton.

Saint Mary’s Road, Southampton SO14 0BL

IMAG0068We currently have a Dojo space upstairs. The dojo has a sprung wooden floor covered with Judo Tatami. The dojo is air conditioned and has a water cooler. One wall of the dojo is a mirror so we have great visiblity on technique.

For larger events (such as competitions we have hosted), we have the main hall of the sports centre at our disposal.

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  1. Hello there, i was wondering whether or not you are still training at St Marys? As i am looking to get into Martial Arts again. I have spent 7 yrs Thai Boxing, and more recently (2yrs ago) Jujitsu in which i earned my yellow belt. However the club folded and i am on the look out for another club. I know that Judo and Jujitsu are similar. Please can you email prices and times. Many thanks for your time.
    Andy Brown

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