Randori is the game!

Recently we started learning the Kaeshi no kata, so on Tuesday we took it and tried to learn the same counter throws via randori.

One of the great things about learning Judo is randori. Randori is a game as much as a learning tool.

During our Tuesday and Thursday randori sessions we try techniques. We try apply our techniques against a non passive partner, against someone who won’t just fall, who we must actually apply our waza correctly on.

Which sounds very serious, but actually means we get to play the game of Judo. My partner tries to throw me, I try and throw them. I try all.my “tricks” and use my guile and cunning to catch them. All the while they try and do the same to me.

Come down and join the fun.

Great start to our new kata

Today we started exploring the Kaeshi no kata, it was really nice to have a good turnout to start this interesting study of a new kata.

The kata is all about counter throws, and has a really interesting history. This kata is not a Kodokan recognised kata and is primarily done in the BJC here in the UK. 

Although not an “official” kata, Kaeshi no kata is a very useful learning tool. It can also be a fantastic demonstration set.

This week we shall continue with our progress through the gokyo. Participants might have noticed that many of the techniques we looked at during the week reappeared on Sunday in the kata.

As always Tuesday will.mainly be standing throwing techniques, Thursday groundwork work me waza.

Those interested in a little extra training will be attending Ringwood Judo Club on Monday for some additional randori, contact Lance if you would like to attend.

Judo this week (15 January 2017)

This week we shall start our university students preparation for the British Universities and Colleges Championships as well as deciding which kata we shall explore next.

This Sunday (15th) our session is at 3pm. We shall be doing the Kime no Kata. NExt week we shall change kata and the plan is to explore one of the lesser known kata. Maybe the Kaeshi no kata, or Go no sen no kata. Perhaps even more interesting kata like the Itsutsu no kata or Joshi Goshinho no kata?

On Tuesday those wishing to enter BUCS competition should get to the club for 7:30pm please to meet and discuss entries, training plans, logistics, etc. At 8pm our regular tachi waza randori session will run. On Thursday (8pm) we have our groundwork randori session.

Hope to see you all on the mat.


2017 Judo begins this Tuesday 10th January!!!

Hi Everyone,

After a nice long break, Judo is back this Tuesday, 8pm.

Enjoy the Judo – Starting January 10th 2017


January is a time of new beginnings, so if you ahve never done Judo before a perfect time to give it a go for the first time. If you have been off the mat for a little/long while, then January is again a perfect time to come a re-discover the joy of Judo.

Our little club is unique in that we cater exclusively to adults and have plenty of variety in the levels of adults we have on the mat each session. We have complete beginners, novices, and even a good number of regular and visiting black belts.

Spread the word and lets start 2017 with a bang!

See you Tuesday!

Judo Mannequin Challenge

This weekend our friends up at Sandbach Judo Club challenged us to do the Mannequin Challenge, so on Sunday we gave it a go and here is the result:

The question everyone is asking is who is the mystery Judoka? Could it be Ilias Iliadis? Masu Baker? Teddy Riner? Let us know who you think it is?

Judo timetable

This week’s Judo timetable is as follows:

Sunday 13th (3pm): Kata and belt preparation.

Tuesday 15th (8pm): Combined Tachi-waza and Ne-Waza randori.

Thursday 17th (8pm): Combined Tachi-waza and Ne-Waza randori.

Judo this week

Judo is on this week!
Tuesday 8pm, Thursday 8pm, Sunday 3pm.
For those interested, club coach Lance Wicks is also guest coaching on Friday at Winchester University Judo Club (6pm) so if anyone wants a friendly session with them let him know.

Judo is back to normal!

With coach Lance Wicks back from the Tashkent Judo Grand Prix Judo sessions are back to normal.


  • Tuesday 8pm. Tachi waza
  • Thursday 8pm. Ne waza
  • Sunday 3pm. Technical + kata.

See you there!

No Judo This week

Dear all,

there is no Judo at the club this week due to the Hampshire Open Competition and coach Lance Wicks being away at the Tashkent Grand Prix in Uzbekistan.

Enjoy the break, good luck to those competing and for those not competing; perhaps a good week to recover and find a partner to practice the kata with so you can enter the Hampshire Kata Competition on 16th.