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Heavyweights are go!

After having had a lack of heavyweight men in the past; the club has recently had an influx of adult beginners.

In part this is thanks to our close relationship with Southampton Solent University and the great “Sport Solent” team.
This relationship has meant that as the university’s American Football team’ season came to a close; some of the players have come to us for something different.

The skill set and physical attributes of American Football and other contact sports like Rugby match nicely with Judo.

This matching has meant that these novice adults are progressing very rapidly in Judo and their work ethic is helping with this too.

“It’s been great to see how fast the Redhawks have taken to Judo. ” commented coach Lance Wicks after a recent session at St Marys Leisure Centre in central Southampton.

Training at the club continues throughout the summer. Beginners and experienced players are always welcome; especially on the Thursday night Randori.

For more information please email lw@judocoach.com