Currently we train on the following days:

  • Tuesday, Activity Room 8-10pm.
  • Sunday, Activity Room 3-5pm.

The training sessions are held in St. Marys Leisure Centre (Off the Jurys Inn roundabout) in Southampton.

We welcome all visitors.
Our St Marys sessions are solely for Adults/late teens.

Mat fees are £3.00 per session paid at reception.

For more information, please contact our club coach, Lance Wicks ( ) or call him on 07787565233.



We train for the sport of Judo, to develop players who can enjoy competing in the local Judo events and specifically the Hampshire Team Championships.

We encourage all participants to try competing in Judo; if they like it we will help them develop. If not we will help them develop still and encourage them to take on support roles with our competitive players.

We also aim to deliver a fun, friendly club environment where novices and experienced players alike can participate in Judo sessions. We have many many novices especially with our partnership with Southampton Solent University Judo Club.

With our strong base of novices, we are the ideal club for adult beginners who would like to try the sport of Judo; or return to the sport they enjoyed as a child. It also makes us an ideal club for people coming to Judo from other martial arts of sports. We have enjoyed introducing the sport to BJJ and MMA students; Rugby and American Footballers and complete newcomers.



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